Characters are listed by the primary setting they exist in, and/or by their first appearance in any setting.



BEHEMOTH is a short text-based adventure game focusing on an orc undergoing a transformation in a laboratory.

  • Malach is an orc that has been chosen to undergo testing and modification, resulting in him becoming something wholly other.


Emanations is a monthly webcomic following two exorcists — Father Thiago Carvalho, and Father Clark Colquhoun — as they discover hidden histories within their faith.

  • Father Thiago Carvalho is an American priest who has recently been appointed by the bishop as an exorcist.
  • Father Clark Colquhoun is a Scottish priest who has emigrated to the United States, and is a specialist in exorcism.


The Gnosmos is a meta-setting/shared universe that technically includes, but does not necessarily feature, all the characters listed here. A few characters exist in the Gnosmos meta-setting specifically.

  • Gnossos is a minotaur with a connection to an otherworldly place known as The Archive, which houses a seemingly-infinite collection of documents detailing and analysing prophecies made by Gnossos himself in the past, present and future. Gnossos is also the bearer of an object known as the Azoth, a metamorphosing metallic fluid that is usually held in the shape of a deck of Tarot cards. Gnossos first appeared in “The Archive of Gnossos.”
  • Rury is a minotaur with an unusual power known as Contortus, a localised kind of telekinesis that operates on principles of twisting and torsion rather than pushing and pulling. Rury also has a condition – or curse – that causes him to fly into fits of senselessness and rage if he begins to neglect himself or his health. Rury first appeared in “Bellowing“.

The Netherhall Experiments

The Netherhall Experiments is a short fiction series focusing on a team of researchers in 1899 experimenting with unusual artifacts.

  • Willie Gillespie is a Scottish mariner from Glasgow primarily working on the Drum Line.  His role in the team is to handle matters involving mechanical work, manual labour and security if the experiments go awry.
  • Vishal Pasi is an Indian physician from Pune working between his home city and Birmingham, England. His role in the team involves setting experimental parameters and writing reports on the research conducted.
  • Theodor Riedesel is a German painter, photographer and arts patron who is the last scion of a former aristocratic family, now living outside of London. His role in the team is to photograph and illustrate their experiments.

Satyr Play

Satyr Play is a short story detailing the meeting between an everyday man named Henry, and Bucephalus, a rider in a queer-radical pagan biker gang.

  • Henry is a frustrated office-worker living a life that he wants to escape, if only he knew how.
  • Bucephalus V is a rider in the Fauns MC. His name marks him as the Fifth of the Bucephaloi, riders who have taken on the name of Bucephalus in the Fauns and other affiliated MCs.
  • Angela is Henry’s wife, who has recently become more distant from him as a result of continual arguments and problems from either side of their relationship.
  • Silenus is the title and name given to the figure at the head of the Fauns MC. The current Silenus is a playful older man with a sense of the theatrical.
  • Caryo is a uroaugur, a diviner that works for the Fauns MC. They are usually present at the inner sanctum of the Fauns’ headquarters at the Grove, a converted public bathroom building.
  • Tom of Faunland is the fictional mascot of the Fauns MC: a portrayal of The Fonz from the TV series Happy Days, stylised to resemble a Tom of Finland illustration.

Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim

Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim is a visual novel game focusing on a group of orcs as they travel the land of Alba.

  • Aed (“Edd“) is a human, travelling with the group in order to learn more about orcish culture.
  • Brocgin (“Braw-KEEN“) is an orcish scholar who has recently spent a great deal of time living in the city, as opposed to living amongst orcish settlements or in the country.
  • Cennedig (“KEN-neh-dig“) is an orcish chieftain, along with his husbands Malgóm and Ror. He is older than the others, and has interest in maintaining orcish community and traditions.
  • Domnol (“DON-noll“) is an orcish courier that travels between various clans to deliver messages and relay news of interest to orcish people.
  • Ferdag (“FER-dagg“) is an orcish clanguard, a person tasked with ensuring the safety of a clan as it travels through the land.
  • Ggorom (“GO-rom“) is a selkie farmer who has travelled from his home in the sea to visit the orcish gathering.
  • Malgóm (“Mal-GOME“) is an orcish chieftain, along with his husbands Cennedig and Ror. He has an appreciation for orcish religion and mysticism, and is able to prophesize using signs from the world around him.
  • Ror (“Roar“) is an orcish chieftain, along with his husbands Cennedig and Malgóm. He is a former priest of an orcish god, and places the security and safety of his group before anything else.
  • Sithig (“SIH-thigg“) is a grise, a pig-like humanoid. He has a great appreciation for sensual pleasure, decadence and theatricality.
  • Seonag (“SHOW-nah“) is an orcish woman that the group meet. She leads her own group, which consists of her sibling, Innséan, and her sister-in-law, Mhaigh.
  • Innséan (“INN-shan”) is an orcish person that the group meet. They are the clanguard for their group, travelling with their sister, Seonag, and their wife, Mhaig.
  • Mhaig (“MEG”) is an orcish woman that the group meet. She is skilled in sorcery and witchcraft, and she travels with her sister-in-law, Seonag, and her spouse, Innséan.