Our wish, our salvation, and our only hope is to end the historical crisis by becoming the alien, by ending alienation, by recognizing the alien as the Self, in fact – recognizing the alien as an Overmind that holds all the physical laws of the planet intact in the same way that one holds an idea intact in one’s thoughts. The givens that are thought to be writ in adamantine are actually merely the moods of the Goddess, whose reflection we happen to be. ” — Terence McKenna

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Fashion Fantasy – Shadow Hearts Covenant & From The New World

Welcome to the fourth installment of Fashion Fantasy! Every month, I’m going to be taking a look at the style and fashion of a given game, discussing some of the outfits and garments worn by characters, and analysing what they might tell us about characterisation and narrative! You can check out some of our previous installments below:

To make up for there being no Fashion Fantasy in April, we’re doing a two-parter this month — and we’re gonna be looking at Nautilus’ Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From The New World! Both are very-loosely-semi-historical JRPGs set during World War I and the end of the Roaring Twenties respectively, and they’re known for their often-campy style, so let’s get into it!

This post will include some spoilers for the events of Shadow Hearts Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From The New World, so only continue if you’re alright with that! Let’s begin!

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Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim


Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim is a dating sim/visual novel released on New Years’ Eve, 2017. In Tusks, the player takes on the role of an orc that joins a group of other orcs as they travel across a semi-historical, semi-mythical Scotland — the player talks to and can form relationships with each of the orcs in the group, finding out more about them, their experiences, and their lives.

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