Work / Hire / Commission

We will make such strange and curious things for you.

  • Samples of all work can be found in the Portfolio.
  • Requests can be made and discussed over email or Twitter (see Contact),.
  • Open to NSFW/18+ commissions.
  • Transactions are handled through Ko-fi or Paypal.
  • Note that requests for work with additional requirements (tight deadlines, high-volume work, contracts e.t.c.) may be priced differently.


Content Writing

Fiction Writing

Writing and developing scenes, backstories or mood pieces for personal original characters, roleplaying characters and extended universes, creating lore and fic for conworlds and original settings.

  • $25 for up to 1,000 words, + $10 per 1,000 words thereafter
  • Specialist subjects: M/M fic, narratives with queer characters, witchcraft, the occult and supernatural, Victoriana, orcs, monsters, furry.
  • Samples: The Netherhall Experiments (Writing Sample); Monstrous Lore.

Game  Writing

Writing for games, including interactive narrative, dialogue, item descriptions, romance routes, sex scenes, lore entries or mood/atmosphere pieces.

Content/Feature/SEO Writing

Writing blogposts, guest features or articles for SEO on a variety of topics.

Interactive Narrative/Twine Games

Creating a short twine game based on characters, themes and narratives requested.

  • $50, + $negotiable for additional requested complexity (e.g. branching narratives, specialised game mechanics)
  • Specialist subjects: M/M, narratives with queer characters, witchcraft, the occult and supernatural, Victoriana, orcs, monsters, furry.
  • Samples: BEHEMOTH (, Hypnagogue (


Illustrating characters and scenes, and creating cover art.

Tarot Readings

Each Tarot reading comes with a card-by-card analysis and interpretation, an overall summary, and a photo of the cards in your spread. Note that Tarot readings aren’t foolproof and 100% accurate systems of predictions, and future decisions should not be based off of a reading alone!

All Tarot readings are handled through Ko-fi, or Patreon for subscribers.

  • $3 for a 3-card reading, $6 for a 6-card reading, $9 for a 10-card Celtic Cross reading (for all readings except Extensive Readings.)
  • General Reading: A general overview of your situation at present; no specific question or direction, using the cards to suggest a particular issue.
  • Specific Reading: A reading to explore one question or issue in particular, where all of the cards will be interpreted in light of that question/issue.
  • Creative Reading: Ideas and inspiration for original characters or settings, such as suggestions for character backgrounds, possible plotlines for future roleplaying campaigns, looking at narrative problems from different perspectives, or something similar.
  • Extensive Reading: A more in-depth reading, either involving more cards, with more complex and specific requirements, or which are required to be repeated regularly. This may include tarot readings for businesses, queries with multiple questions, queries with two or more possible options, or for those requiring more esoteric/occult interpretations of the cards (good for those with a background in the occult). Extensive readings’ costs are negotiated based on requirements: get in touch through the contact page for more information.
  • Patreon supporters on the Conjuror or Wych tiers can request a 3-card or 6-card Tarot reading each month.


Sourcing the origin of weird possibly-occult symbols or things you’ve found; suggestions for where to look for further information on occult topics or areas of interest; consultation on occult and magickal art, narratives and history in fiction; discussing experiences and interpreting them through potential occult lenses. Information is presented without dogma or commitment to one particular religious or spiritual practice, and is provided as context/routes for exploration rather than as definitive and authoritative orthodoxy.

  • Consultation is usually a pay-what-you-want donation after the consultation itself, larger projects or more extensive consultations are open to negotiation.